Saturday, June 13, 2015

Rachel Dormor Gallery

Has it really been three years since my last post? I haven't been in a bubble, its been a busy few years and lots of things have happened but I'm delighted to say that I've opened a gallery at Burwash Manor Farm. Its a lovely little shop and I had a pop up there back in 2013 so its great to be back permanently. the current show is called Coastal Living and features original oil paintings, prints and cards by Jo Tunmer, driftwood sculptures of boats by Andy Povey (Norfolk Boy) brooches, notebooks and cards by Alice Shields, Silver jewellery by Birgitte Bruun, rings and pearl jewellery by Bek Genery, tea towels by Alison Hullyer, textiles and machine embroidery by Suzanne Hurst, porcelain jewellery by Phiona Richards and Sam Robinson, turned wooden bowls by Edmund Rose and ceramics by me! We are open everyday so come and say hello! Meanwhile, back in the studios I'm busy getting ready for Cambridge Open Studios which is every weekend in July 11-6 and I'm running workshops and throwing lessons. You can book online through the link on my website or call into the shop and book on the day classes, hope to see you soon!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

BCTF 2012

BCTF 2012 by potteryrachel
BCTF 2012, a photo by potteryrachel on Flickr.

I've just come back from a lovely few days in Harrogate exhibiting at the British Craft Trade Fair. I've had a year off shows to catch up on myself and to develop some new work and it felt good to sit with my work for a few days. It's so tiring though but thank you to everyone who came and spoke to me about my work. I have a clutch of new stockists and I look forward to adding more over the next few weeks.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday photo

Friday photo by potteryrachel
Friday photo, a photo by potteryrachel on Flickr.

The nice thing about being a potter is being able to give pots as presents and being able to keep a few treats now and then. This little pile is for me and I'm very excited!

The batter bowl is a new piece and I'm taking it home to test out, I can feel a cake baking afternoon in the making!

Next week I will be listing new items and treats on my online shops, but first I have a trade fair to attend!

If you are visiting the BCTF in Haroogate come and say hello, but whatever you are planning, have a lovely weekend!

Friday, March 02, 2012

New tags!

New tags! by potteryrachel
New tags!, a photo by potteryrachel on Flickr.

I've been working on the promo material to go with my work this year and came up with these little tags that tell the handmade story. I honestly can't stress enough that my work is handmade every step of the way! I don't even have a coffee machine!

Monday, February 13, 2012

High heel Monday

High heel Monday by potteryrachel
High heel Monday, a photo by potteryrachel on Flickr.

Why have one post when you can have two! Here's a shot of me in the studio. It snowed and I walked the three miles to work but when I got there my boots were wet and all I had were these delicious high heels!

Sewing corner

Sewing corner by potteryrachel
Sewing corner, a photo by potteryrachel on Flickr.

Well, it's been a while but I had a big year last year and there just didn't seem to be much blogging time. This year I'm making more time for the things I enjoy and I started by making a sewing corner in my new house!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Salad bowl

_MG_8470 by potteryrachel
_MG_8470, a photo by potteryrachel on Flickr.

This is another piece from the new range, lovely big shallow salad bowls, in plain white or with print! The on-line shop is underway and you'll soon be able to order the new collection and book onto courses!

White on white

_MG_8457 by potteryrachel
_MG_8457, a photo by potteryrachel on Flickr.

This is the postcard image for my new collection. It's back to basics this season with lots of white and a simple blue print. I\m really excited about it and working hard on the marketing and design work- as well as making all the pieces!

Sweetpeas and Roses

_MG_8444 by potteryrachel
_MG_8444, a photo by potteryrachel on Flickr.

Well I love making milk jugs and they look so pretty full of flowers! How nice would these look on a summer wedding table?

Crochet and crockery

IMG_1788 by potteryrachel
IMG_1788, a photo by potteryrachel on Flickr.

Here's a little snapshot of a summer crochet project, perfect for open studios between visitors. I've made a skinny scarf and a hat with earflaps from two lovely skeins of wool from Loop.

Pencil roll

Pencil roll by potteryrachel
Pencil roll, a photo by potteryrachel on Flickr.

A few years ago Annie made some pencil rolls for my boys using the Pink Chalk Studio pattern. Well she tagged me to make 5 handmade gifts for 5 friends this year and I finally bought the pattern and started to make one!

Whole cloth quilt

Whole cloth quilt by potteryrachel
Whole cloth quilt, a photo by potteryrachel on Flickr.

I've finally found a few moments of spare time to start my whole cloth quilt. It's made from some deliciously soft vintage sheets. Who know's how long it will take to finish!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Mr & Mrs

Mr & Mrs by potteryrachel
Mr & Mrs, a photo by potteryrachel on Flickr.

Get into the wedding zone! Porcelain wedding favours, lovely as gifts for your own wedding guests, or as a little treat fro a special big day, from £3.50 (also available Mr & Mr, Mrs & Mrs, Mr & Mrs)

Printed porcelain milk jug

Available exclusively on Made by Hand online, £40 plus p&p this gorgeous white porcelain milk jug is decorated with a print of my drawings from the Botanic Gardens in Cambridge.

alphabet candle pots

alphabet candle pots by potteryrachel
alphabet candle pots, a photo by potteryrachel on Flickr.

These are off to NZ! but plenty more in stock from £6.50

Porcelain nutmeg grater

Porcelain nutmeg grater by potteryrachel
Porcelain nutmeg grater, a photo by potteryrachel on Flickr.

nutmeg grater! Sharp and strong, totally handmade! £12 comes in white only,

Blue egg separator

Blue egg separator by potteryrachel
Blue egg separator, a photo by potteryrachel on Flickr.

Can you guess what it is? you break the egg into the centre and pour the white through the spout! I love it! comes in blue, white, green or grey from £15

Blue porcelain milk jug

Blue porcelain milk jug by potteryrachel
Blue porcelain milk jug, a photo by potteryrachel on Flickr.

Blue porcelain milk jug! from £40 available in white, blue, green, grey or printed

Porcelain milk jug

Porcelain milk jug by potteryrachel
Porcelain milk jug, a photo by potteryrachel on Flickr.

Lovely hand thrown milk jug! from £40 available in white, blue, green, grey or printed

Grey breakfast cups

Grey breakfast cups by potteryrachel
Grey breakfast cups, a photo by potteryrachel on Flickr.

Lovely matt grey breakfast cups! £25