Sunday, April 22, 2012

BCTF 2012

BCTF 2012 by potteryrachel
BCTF 2012, a photo by potteryrachel on Flickr.

I've just come back from a lovely few days in Harrogate exhibiting at the British Craft Trade Fair. I've had a year off shows to catch up on myself and to develop some new work and it felt good to sit with my work for a few days. It's so tiring though but thank you to everyone who came and spoke to me about my work. I have a clutch of new stockists and I look forward to adding more over the next few weeks.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday photo

Friday photo by potteryrachel
Friday photo, a photo by potteryrachel on Flickr.

The nice thing about being a potter is being able to give pots as presents and being able to keep a few treats now and then. This little pile is for me and I'm very excited!

The batter bowl is a new piece and I'm taking it home to test out, I can feel a cake baking afternoon in the making!

Next week I will be listing new items and treats on my online shops, but first I have a trade fair to attend!

If you are visiting the BCTF in Haroogate come and say hello, but whatever you are planning, have a lovely weekend!